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About Alexis Andreou


Alexis Andreou  (born Limassol 1995) is a photographer who studied MA Photojournalism and Documentary Photography and BA (Hons) Photography in the London College of Communication, University of the Arts London with distinction. He experiments with a wide range of photographic genres, both in analogue and digital photography and his work mainly focuses on the visual documentation and investigation of sociopolitical affairs and their impact on contemporary society through the changing landscape. 


Andreou’s current work is focusing on conducting a visual investigation on the aftermath of the Cypriot conflict events between 1964 and 1974, exploring how memory is recollected when oppressed by trauma in a bordered landscape alongside the impact that a four decade long cultural segregation has had upon displaced families and the identity of the island.


His previous work and experience has focused on experimenting with darkroom techniques and experimental photography alongside architectural photography and documentary work. Andreou has conducted extended theoretical research in the two areas of War as Archival Image and its Semiotic Translation and How Documented Imagery registers Experienced Violence and Hardship in 2014.


Since 2010 Alexis Andreou has been a member of Limassol based Art ngo 'NeMe' where he has worked as a main photographer of the organisation as well as assisting with the practical elements of organisation for conferences, seminars, exhibitions and workshops.


In November 2013 until mid-2016 Alexis Andreou was part of the European Cultural Parliament: Youth Network of Cyprus as a board member.






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