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London College of Communication BA (Hons) Photography Degree Show (Show 1) 2018

30 May 2018 - 2 June 2018, London College of Communication, London, UK

Selected Works Showcase for Two Fifty One Residential Tower Photography Commission by Artmasters

12 October 2017 - Mercato Metropolitano, Elephant and Castle, London, UK

dis-mount for 6pm your local time

22 July 2015 - NeMe Arts Centre, Limassol, Cyprus

Responding to an invitation by “LINK Center for the Arts of the Information Age” NeMe’s participation in 6pm your local time Europe-wide event on 22 July 2015 is a site specific happening conceived by Natalie Kynigopoulou. 

This event questions and extends the way exhibitions are perceived by the public, not only as a carefully installed dialogue between artworks but also as a process which eventually results in the exhibition’s own private demise consisting of the dismantling, packaging and return of the artworks to their respective owners. Thus re-subjecting the space into an introverted silence. The vital and creative process of mounting a show is normally occurring behind closed doors and recognised as an inherent part of the exhibition whereas dismounting is an action which is given little significance. In order to expand the scope of what should be observable, NeMe is opening its doors to the complete actuality of the dis-LOCATE exhibition which raised questions about the process of art-making and now extends to the exhibition’s demise as an participatory open art-process.


Curated by Natalie Kynigopoulos

Documentation of performance by Alexis Andreou.

dis-Locate by NeMe-IMCA

13 June - 22 July 2015 - NeMe Arts Centre, Limassol, Cyprus

'Power of Water', video installation, 2014 (duration: 3m 49s)


Dis-locate, a new threads project by Limassol art NGO NeMe where the definition of popular cultural ideology is being challenged and constantly revised as an established aesthetic by placing greater focus on its catalytic action of becoming. Drawing on various mythological, archeological and religious references, these works are less than historical and descriptive representations but rather, examples indicative of the processes by which meaning is being transmitted in attempt to contextualize Cypriot contemporary identity. This is evidenced by the artists’ use of unconventional materials whose specificity is being explored through their processes of making preceding local concepts assumed as their a-priory. These works concern a visual alteration that has no self contained subject but are rather a result of accumulated heterogeneous materials whose often inherent indeterminacy subvert holistic readings and appear to be in continual flux. The framework in which these works are presented is an interdisciplinary one, blurring the distinctions amongst their technological, social, political and cultural stimulus thus also questioning the permeability of the exhibition space itself being constantly shifted and evaluated as an open one. Characterized by a sense of dislocation, this exhibition asks that we re-evaluate our interpretation of cultural legitimacy through the means of a perpetual and critical visuality that is less concerned with coming to ends with an ideological and fixed locality but more concerned with what Claire Doherty4 states as being “the josting contingency of mobilities and relations that constitute contemporaneity”.


Curated by Natalie Kynigopoulos.


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